Jennifer Ryan concentrates on working one on one with each of her clients to create a sense of wit and wonderment to each and every project commissioned, while remaining responsive to her clients dreams and desires.

Animal prints continue to be a hot trend in decorating. You may find these prints in any setting from traditional to contemporary. This treatment was painted on a bathroom floor, and then finished with three coats of clear finish.

Two blue and two green walls were painted in this teenage boys room. The squares and skateboarder images create a focus point on the wall above the bed.

Chalkboards can be easily painted on walls these days. This one has a metal chalk tray mounted at the bottom of the board and is surrounded by “animals marching two-by-two”

Mixing fairy tail characters and popular children’s verses make a great border in a child’s room. This one circles the entire room and is 18 inches tall.

Canvas floor cloths like this on make a nice alternative to the traditional rug. They are easily cleaned and can be switched out as the seasons change.

This wall is in a church nursery. This wall is 9 x 16 feet so the design makes quite an impact. Using bright pastels instead of primary colors gives the room a softer more calming feel for the little ones.

Most any verse or saying can be written on a wall. This on “Home where the story begins” is 4 feet wide by 8 inches tall

This goose is pulling a ribbon banner imprinted with a “dreamy” verse in an arch over a little girls bed. Approximately 8 feet wide by 2 feet tall

Don’t know what to do with the plywood flooring in your summer cabin…How about painting it and embellishing it with images like these found in the bedding. It is a great alternative to carpet!

No child’s room is complete without a whimsical prince in it. This one sits up high in a painted tree woven with morning glory.

It’s easy to create artwork with out going out and purchasing it. Why not just paint it on the wall? You can even have the frame painted too!

The bunnies above found themselves peaking around the corner of a child’s bedroom. Approximately 18 inches tall, they are a fun addition to a room filled with fairies and castles

The elevator lobby of a Seattle condominium started with the green gradation affect (below) and has a grid pattern with random shapes and colors on the top layer. This treatment is used in the alcove at the end of the lobby, so there is a pleasant visual while waiting for or leaving the elevator. The same treatment was used in the parking garage lobby to give some color to an otherwise drab space.
A 24 foot long Seattle condominium lobby wall was given this green gradation effect. Once the lighting was installed and the large pieces of artwork hung, this made a nice backdrop with a bit of a twist!